Expert Guide

Real-Time Corruptor: Expert Guide


As of version 5, RTC has its own hotkeys in the Settings and tools menu

Manual Blast

Does a normal Blast that doesn't get sent to the Glitch Harvester


Toggles ON/OFF on the Auto-Corrupt feature.

Error Delay--

Decreases the currently set Error Delay by 1

Error Delay++

Increases the currently set Error Delay by 1


Decreases the currently set Intensity by 1


Increases the currently set Intensity by 1

Induce KS Crash

Kills the KillSwitch heartbeat, causing (if enabled) RTC to detect a crash.

BlastLayer Toggle

Toggles ON/OFF the BlastLayer of the last executed StashKey

BlastLayer Re-Blast

Re-executes BlastLayer of the last executed StashKey.

Game Protect Back

Triggers the Back button on Game Protection (If available)

Game Protect Now

Triggers the Now button on Game Protection (If available)

Load and Corrupt

Loads the selected GH SaveState, creates a StashKey in the Stash History and then runs it.

Just Corrupt

Creates a StashKey in the Stash History and then runs it without loading a save.


Triggers the Glitch Harvester's Reroll Selected button


Loads the currently selected Glitch Harvester Savestate Box.


Saves the game state in the currently Glitch Harvester Savestate Box.


Sends the currently selected item in the Stash History and sends it to the Stockpile.


Does a Manual Blast to the game then creates a Raw Stashkey in the Stash History.

Send Raw to Stash

Creates a Raw StashKey in the StashHistory

The Blast Editor hotkeys correspond directly to their buttons

Blast Editor

Any StashKey in the Glitch Harvester can be opened in the Blast Editor by right-clicking on it and select "Open Selected Item in Blast Editor".

Read the Blast Editor Guide for a detailed explanation of how the Blast Editor works.

Virtual Memory Domains

Virtual Memory Domains, also called VMDs, are virtual representations of areas from one or multiple real Memory Domains. The VMD Generator uses address instructions to make VMD Prototypes which can be used to generate/regenerate VMDs. These prototypes are very lightweight, save/load from a file and can also be created from a Corruption in the Glitch Harvester.

VMD Pool

The Virtual Memory Domain Pool is your main interaction window for loading and working with already loaded VMDs.

Load VMD From File

Allows you to load VMDs that were previously saved to a file.

Save Selected VMD to File

Allows you to save a generated VMD to a file which can be loaded later.

Rename Selected VMD

Allows you to rename a VMD.

Unload Selected VMD

Unloads the selected VMD from the RTC so it no longer appears in the Domain list and the VMD Pool.

VMD Size

Displays the size of the currently selected VMD in bytes.

Real Domain

Displays the memory domain that the VMD is built to target.

VMD Generator

An in-depth VMD Generator Guide is also available

Load Domains

Loads the Memory Domains of the currently active emulation core into the VMD Generator.

Memory Domain

This Selector Box allows you to chose a target Domain.

Domain Size

The size of the selected Memory Domain in bytes

Word Size

The size of a word for the currently selected memory domain

Endian Type

The endian type for the currently selected memory domain

Set pointer every X addresses

Generates a VMD pointer every X addresses of the range input into the generator.

VMD Name

The name of the VMD being generated.

Generate VMD

Generates the VMD.

Remove/Add Addresses

The addresses that will be used in generation of your VMD. This box can take input in various forms. A single line is treated as a single command. You can use multiple commands in generation of the same VMD.

You are able to:

  • Add an address range

    • Example: 50-100

  • Add a single address

    • Example: 55

  • Remove an address range

    • Example: -60-110

  • Remove a single address

    • Example: -66

If the user doesn't add a value or range, the default range will be the entire selected memory domain. You are able to remove a value from this default range using one of the various remove methods. For example, if you only input "-55" into the box, you'd get a VMD which has every address in the real memory domain excluding -55.

Additional notes:

  • By default, all addresses are treated as decimal

  • If you add "0x" before an address, it will be treated as hexadecimal rather than decimal.

  • Single added addresses will bypass the removal range.

  • Single added addresses aren't affected by the pointer spacer parameter.

  • Ranges are exclusive, which means that the last address will be excluded from the range.

RTC Dev Discord

If you need advanced help, want to report bugs, ask features or even help with development, we have a development Discord server.

The main rules are the following

→ Do not spam, post memes or cause trouble.

→ Prioritize big blocks of text over multiple posts, limit your amount of posts and make sure you don't inject misinformation in diagnostics.

#corruption_general is for discussing of corruption-related things.

#corruption_showcase is for sharing corruptions you made. Please focus on new discoveries and experiments with new features. Don't post SMB1 tileset vomit or 3d spikes and needles.

#corruption_help is for requesting help or any kind of support for corruption-related programs, technique and all sorts of issues. Use this channel to discuss about issues before reporting an actual bug.

#dev_builds is where we announce non-public builds for testing.

#corruption_ressources is for sharing information about game internals, sharing virtual memory domains (.vmd), savestate lists (.ssk), value lists (.txt) and links to various documents.

Keep your discussion focused to RTC, corruptions and other relevant topics. No random chit-chat.

Some of our members have some online notoriety. I will gently ask you stay calm and polite when they are around and refrain from bugging them. Childish fanboyism is not tolerated.

The rules above are the main rules, more detailed information resides in #rules. Please read them.

If you agree to the rules shown above, you can join at the link below