Lesser known corruptors

Chain Chomp

Author: "Lafolie" Source: https://bitbucket.org/Lafolie/chainchomp**** Download: https://bitbucket.org/Lafolie/chainchomp/downloads/ChainChomp-0.9.1.zip

Chain Chomp is a plugin-based corruptor that is open source. This main concept of this corruptor is that operations on on a chain basis, where operations are driven from plugins, individually configurable.


Author: juanmv94 Download: https://github.com/juanmv94/Erosion-v4

A small file corrupter project from 2016 emerged from the need for an actual fast and advanced ROM and file corrupter. Only the binary was released, being this the first time the source code is available.

ROM Poison

Author: Coolcord Download: https://github.com/Coolcord/ROM_Poison

ROM Poison is designed to be a simple, but powerful, ROM corruptor. Due to the nature of ROM corruptors, this can be used on any file, but it is intended to be used with video game ROMs (such as NES, SNES, and N64 games). It is written in C++11 using the Qt5 libraries, making it multiplatform.

The Haggleforth Rom Corruptor

Author: RyanTheNerd Download: https://github.com/RyanTheNerd/rom_corruptor

A basic rom corruptor written in python. runs exclusively in command line and takes configuration of the corruption through a json file


Author: xpcybic Download: https://github.com/xpcybic/rcorrupt

A basic rom corruptor written in c. runs exclusively in command line with arguments


Author: ix Download: https://github.com/ix/oxidizer

A basic rom corruptor written in rust. runs exclusively in command line with arguments

Alice Corruptor

Author: AliceTS Download: Archive

A basic process corruptor written in Cheat Engine. Brought PC games corruptions to life before the development of ProcessStub was finished.

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