Web-Based Corruptors

These are corruptors that run in your browser.

Emoji/SVG Corrupt

Author: x8BitRain Page URL: https://x8bitrain.github.io/svg-emoji-corrupt/ Source : https://github.com/x8BitRain/svg-emoji-corrupt

As its name implies, this is a web-based corruptor that works with SVG Vectorial Files. A quick selection of SVG Emojis is available to get started fast.


Author: ircluzar Page URL: https://github.com/ircluzar/jsRTC/blob/master/jsRTC_for_Webpages.txt

jsRTC is a minimalist Real-Time Corruptor written in JavaScript. jsRTC works by creating a bookmark in your browser that contains the corruptor's code. It will pop a frame at the top-left corner of your browser, giving you control over the corruptor.

jsRTC for js-dosbox (dosgamesarchives.com edition)

This version of jsRTC is made for a very particular website: dosgamesarchives.com that websites has a built-in dosbox emulator written in JavaScript to which jsRTC hooks to. Page URL: https://github.com/ircluzar/jsRTC/blob/master/jsRTC_for_js-dosbox.txt

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