N64 Memory Domains

The Nintendo 64's architechture supports IEEE754 Floats and is natively compatible with the Vector Engine.
Bizhawk-Vanguard exposes the following domains in RTC:

Mupen64Plus core

  • RDRAM (Rewindable) : This is the console's main RAM. It will be either 4mb or 8mb depending if the emulating N64 is using an Expansion Pack or not.
  • ROM : This is the game's rom as perceived by the emulator.
  • MI Interface : The registers for the CPU itself. Probably avoid this
  • PI Register : Peripheral interface registers. Controllers and stuff
  • SI Register : Serial Interface registers. Registers for use by anything that uses the N64's serial port
  • VI Register : The registers for the video interface. Contains data related to drawing the current frame. Not really gonna get anything out of this besides maybe enabling some filters (such as anti-ailiasing)
  • RI Register :
  • AI Register : The registers for the sound chip. Doesn't actually contain the data for the music, just points to where the music is in rdram for the hardware
  • EEPROM :
  • System Bus :