Main RTC Guide

The Real-Time Corruptor is a suite of programs and modded emulators for corrupting games and files.

Development by:

Phil Girard (Ircluzar) Dan B (Narry) NullShock78 AbsenteeSurgeron ChrisNonyminus
All programs from the RTC suite of tools are Open Source and available at:

This is the index page for the help documentation for the Real-Time Corruptor (RTC). You can view the various guides and help documents from the links below.

This guide will cover the general UI, vocabulary used around with RTC and should give you an overall idea of what are the tools at your disposal.
This guide mostly covers the Glitch Harvester and its intricacies. The Glitch Harvester is the most powerful tool of RTC as it is the center piece of replayability and searching for good corruptions.
This guide covers auxiliary tools present around the program for the more advanced users.