Corrupting the SNES


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), also known as the Super NES or Super Nintendo. It has a dedicated SONY Audio Chip for music and SFX and has native image transformation capabilities such as Mode7 and later on got SuperFX through the use of expansion chips.

Recommended setup: Nightmare engine, Hellegine, Freeze, Pipe

The SNES is a somewhat similar to the NES but has more memory and visual features to mess with. It also runs its programs directly from the ROM. The default settings in RTC are adequate for corrupting the system. If you add the System Bus or CARTROM to the selected domains, it will unlock many more effects but makes rewind unusable for uncorrupting. You can get more results using 65C816 Instruction Lists.

Expected results

The SNES tends to generate a lot of clown vomit like the NES. Similar effects to it are to be expected. However, the SNES is a bit more crashy than the NES and the BSNES core in Bizhawk can end up causing Bizhawk to crash.

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