Web-Based Corruptors

These are corruptors that run in your browser.

Emoji/SVG Corrupt

Corrupted Laughing-Crying Emoji

Made by: x8BitRain

As its name implies, this is a web-based corruptor that works with SVG Vectorial Files. A quick selection of SVG Emojis is available to get started fast.

Page URL: https://x8bitrain.github.io/svg-emoji-corrupt/ Source : https://github.com/x8BitRain/svg-emoji-corrupt


jsRTC ran against Youtube's Homepage

jsRTC is a minimalist Real-Time Corruptor written in JavaScript. jsRTC works by creating a bookmark in your browser that contains the corruptor's code. It will pop a frame at the top-left corner of your browser, giving you control over the corruptor.

jsRTC for Webpages

This version of jsRTC is made to corrupt pages by scrambling it's CSS classes around. Page URL: https://github.com/ircluzar/jsRTC/blob/master/jsRTC_for_Webpages.txt

jsRTC for js-dosbox (dosgamesarchives.com edition)

This version of jsRTC is made for a very particular website: dosgamesarchives.com that websites has a built-in dosbox emulator written in JavaScript to which jsRTC hooks to. Page URL: https://github.com/ircluzar/jsRTC/blob/master/jsRTC_for_js-dosbox.txt